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The Heart of Healing and the Path of Contemplative Medicine is a term from the Tibetan, which means teacher of healing and recognizes the existence of intrinsic health in everyone. It also refers to ‘Medicine Buddha’ or Healing Buddha and represents an authentic tradition of practice that trains and strengthens the ability to heal oneself and others. Menla Training is approximately a one-year study and practice in contemplative healing.

The Menla approach is rooted in Tibetan and Indian wisdom about the nature of sickness and health. It is a thorough process of emotional and cognitive learning for health-professionals and regular caregivers. Its goal and focus are to provide a safe and intense environment for personal development with a fresh chance to re-assess our relation towards our health profession, to improve skills in working with our mind, feelings, and perceptions, to regain heart in our everyday work, and to prevent burn-out.

Menla Training basic-level program consists of five partial weekends (Friday evening and Saturday) assisted by participant group meetings in between workshops. For details of the curriculum please see Menla Training Curriculum. The attendance of one or more Elements of Contemplative Healing weekends is recommended.

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This training is suitable for people engaged in healing and caring professions, as well as persons who care for chronically ill people; in particular for those people who engage in their profession with all their heart and have the tendency to overexert themselves and burn out.

The following are recommended for participation:

•    Participants should have an active interest in improving the relationship between healer and patient. In this work, speech and body language play an important role. Medical or caregiving experience and training is very welcome but not required.
•    No previous experience with Buddhism or other spiritual disciplines is required. All that is required is openness for new ways of seeing our situation.

The following skills will be developed in a progressive manner:

•    The skill to keep an open heart and a clear mind in difficult situations.
•    Precision in perception, in particular, the differentiation between pure sense perceptions and concepts and ideas that overlay our perceptions.

Universal and basic techniques of mind training developed over 2500 years within the Buddhist tradition will be applied in this training. This will be paired with modern process work. The methods that will be presented include:

•    Special meditative and awareness exercises, perception, and cognitive methods.
•    Experiential process oriented methods. These will be presented by experienced therapists who will assist in the training.
•    Group work. Participants will meet for discussion and exchange in contemplative healing groups between the seminar weekends

Classes are led by Christoph Klonk, MD, Phil Weber, MD and Menla Training Consultant, Malou Dusyn.

A Menla II training is also available for advanced participants.


Ongoing Workshops


Menla Training Level 2 – Advanced

The Menla 2 Advanced Training series takes us to the next level of insight, skills set, discovery, and explorations into the inner workings of our subjective world. It is an invitation to move beyond the confines of linear thinking into more relational, and ultimately a non-conceptual, non-dual experience. Through these road maps and stages, we can eventually access an authentic healing presence, and know what healing really means.

Module 1.1
Preparing the Ground, Part 1

Christoph Klonk, will lead us to an intensive practice weekend where we will prepare the ‘ground of experience’ into the profound practices and techniques in the Advanced Menla Program.

Module 1.2
The Ground of Experience, Part 2

Christoph Klonk and Phil Weber will lead us to an intensive practice weekend where we will uncover the ‘ground of experience’ into the profound practices and techniques of Menla Level 2.

Module 2
A Wakeful Heart

Gaining strength and resolve to be in touch with the full range of our abilities for our sake and the benefit of others, moment by moment; we delve deeper to wake up and stir the deepest longings of our true heart’s calling. This weekend we invite ourselves into the gateway of being touched by our ‘wakeful heart.’

Module 3
Ways to Give in…

Do we find ourselves easily ‘giving in’ to our good intentions…or is it the other way around? What are the ways that hinder us to be the best that we can be…in body, heart, and mind; and the ways that can help? Here, we’ll bring up the courage and alertness to look with ‘fearless’ awareness into ourselves, and the places we hide. Together, we’ll explore contemplative interventions that will stick to help us on the path of our intent.

Module 4
(Details TBA)

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