Menla Course Curriculum & Facilitators Elements of Contemplative Healing

… an approach to current healthcare that integrates contemporary medical and psychological knowledge with the Buddhist science of mind as a method for clarifying and deepening the practitioner’s listening and diagnostic acumen. It intends to foster the capacity for healing and bring renewal to the relationship between healer and patient. All true healing is seen to be rooted in the joining of precise perception with a genuinely compassionate heart.

This approach is founded on the ancient healing tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, a comprehensive training system based on a personal realization of the wisdom of “intrinsic healthiness.” Facilitated by Christoph Klonk, MD, and Phil Weber, MD who have ventured far beyond mainstream understandings of medicine, you will delve into a whole new perspective in healing the mind and body. This weekend is open to all.

Topics that will be discussed are:

• The human element in healing
• The nature of health
• The direct causes of illness
• Pragmatic contemplative methods for working effectively with the art of healing
• The power of unconditional presence
• The ability to maintain compassionate support for oneself and others
• Keep an open and clear mind in tough situations
• End the vicious cycle of “care-giver” stress
• Rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit


Level I – November 18-19, 2016

We discover our sense of balance through four gates: Unfolding of well-being, compassion, discriminating analysis and trust. Through this we also discover sickness-inducing habitual patterns that prevent us from coming in contact with our basic health.

Level II –  January 6-7, 2017

We learn methods of working with our fear and pain, and discover our wish to cover up as a spiral of suffering. We also can discover our own sensitivity and tenderness as the driving force for healing. This weekend is especially dedicated to getting in touch with one’s own personal experience.

Level III –  April 21-22, 2017

Understanding the principles and experience of mindful awareness allows us to face habitual tendencies. With this we can experience the causal dynamics of how it affects our mind and body. As a process aid we apply the experiential aspects of the three life processes from the Tibetan healing and mindfulness practice.

Level IV –  July 7-8, 2017

Exploring the mind/body stream of experience from the point of view of the present moment gives rise to intelligence and humor, which has direct relevance to our daily lives, work and personal relations. Through mindfulness of our experience and perceptions  we can reconnect with our own innate wisdom and intelligence.

Level V – September 29-30, 2017

Discovering the power and the depth of our own emotional resistance is the focus for this weekend. This helps us to re-examine the habitual bodily and mental patterns that contribute to becoming ill, unbalanced, stressed, and suffering. Through this we give rise to a discriminating awareness that relaxes these resistances and gives rise to healthy mental & emotional patterns.

*Practicum with 2-3 classes will follow for those interested in certification. Dates yet to be determined.





The Menla Team

Phil Weber, MD, is a Senior Adjunct Faculty at Naropa University. He has served as Clinical Instructor in the Dept. of Family Medicine at the University of Colorado Medical Center, and Medical Consultant to the NIH task force for Alternative Medicine. He has practiced medicine for 30 years and is a Family Physician in private practice in Boulder, Colorado.


Christoph Klonk, MD has been a Family Physician in Germany for 27 years. He received a 3-year training in Medical Psychotherapy at the North Rein Medical Academy in Düsseldorf, Germany, and a 3-year course in Contemplative Psychology.


Malou Dusyn has been in private practice as a psycho- spiritual counselor, energy medicine therapist and personal life coach for over 25 years. She is a founding co-director of Hartford KTC Buddhist Center, Menla Holistic Health LLC, the non-profit Tara Shedrup, Inc. and the Hartford Mindfulness Center.



Training cost

There are two ways to pay for the training.

  • Five payments of $175
  • Pay in full for the entire program ($788) and get a 10 percent discount.

Note: Payments are made out to the non-profit Tara Shedrup, Inc.


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