Menla Holistic Health at 3rd Annual Healthy West Hartford Fair!

MenlaHolisticTent Menla Holistic Health Tent at the Third Annual Healthy West Hartford Fair in Elizabeth Park on Saturday, June 13.


“Bringing the West Hartford Community the most cutting edge products and services to keep local families healthy” was the slogan, and Malou Dusyn and her company Menla Holistic Health fulfilled that goal, with demos, giveaways and more.

BioCharger Group Healing Sessions at Menla Holistic Health Center

Spring is in the air and we at Menla Holistic Health Center are pleased to announce the first in a series of BioCharger-based group healing sessions.

Come join the healing circle around the famous BioCharger and bathe in the exquisite vibrations of this subtle energy revitalization platform. Affectionately known as ‘Sparky,’ this Nicolai Tesla-inspired device transmits energy to stimulate and invigorate the entire body to optimize and improve potential health, wellness, and athletic performance. Session themes include Happy Days, Lyme and Cancer Support, Pain Relief, Nirvana, Mental Clarity & Focus, Schumann Resonance, Brain Harmony, and more. To find out when the next BioCharger Group Healing Session will be offered, contact Malou Dusyn at 860-231-8263 or email

Marie Menut performs Sound Healing

Marie Menut Marie Menut performs Sound Healing — at Menla Holistic Health Center.

The schedule an appointment with Marie, contact Malou Dusyn at 860-231-8263 or email

Introducing the BioCharger…New at Menla Holistic Health  

Menla Holistic Health is pleased to present the latest innovation in healing – the BioCharger! The BioCharger™ NG is a hybrid subtle energy revitalization platform (SERP). The transmitted energy stimulates and invigorates the entire body to optimize and improve potential health, wellness, and athletic performance.

How it works

The non-invasive technology of the BioCharger harnesses electrical energy to stimulate the health of individual cells by increasing their voltage. As explained by Dr. Roy Heilbron, M.D. in the video above, our cells have an electrical charge. If you think of each cell as being like a battery with a voltage, the more energy each cell has the healthier its chemical makeup. In studies, healing cells were found to have a charge of 75 millivolts and healthy cells a charge of 55 millivolts, while sick cells have a charge of 35 millivolts and cancer cells have a charge of only 15 millivolts. So anything that can raise the voltage of your cells allows them to become healthier.

Click here to learn more about the science behind the BioCharger.

What conditions does it help?

The BioCharger can be used for multiple ailments and chronic health problems. It has helped improve pain, fatigue, mood, high blood pressure and stress. It has also been used as a complement to cancer therapy and as part of treatment for Lyme Disease. The BioCharger can also be used to optimize athletic performance and recovery time, improve sleep quality, increase focus, improve mobility and flexibility and more.

Come in and see for yourself how the BioCharger works and what it can do for you! For more information or to make an appointment, contact Malou Dusyn at 860-231-8263 or email


Emotional Stress and Inflammation: What You Ignore May Kill You

Many men don’t realize the effects emotional stress may have on the body. We have to look at the bigger picture when there is a physical complaint. Lots of ailments diseases and cancer started off as emotional traumas. When we hold these past issues in our bodies, we create pathways for disease.
Complimentary medicine, including energy medicine, which has been around for thousands of years, creates a safe and non-pharmaceutical method for treating the causes of illness. ONDAMED allows the practitioner to find dysfunctional areas in the body on a cellular basis in the form of a memory which presents as inflammation. Watch the video below to find out more on how to treat inflammation due to emotional stress.

Click here to watch the video and learn more: Emotional Stress and Inflammation


Biofeedback is the Answer for Myasthenia Gravis

William Work, M.D., of California, and his dedicated staff incorporated ONDAMED® into their practice at the end of 2009. Since then, they have continued to implement this type of treatment with much success. They documented one such case involving a patient with Myasthenia Gravis, an autoimmune disorder affecting muscle strength and movement. They reveal the results of their study below.

June is Myasthenia Awareness Month
, as designated by the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America (MGFA.) This month marks a pivotal time for patients, loved ones, doctors and anyone who wishes to increase understanding and general awareness to help eliminate this disease. ONDAMED is doing its part by partnering with doctors, providing a highly effective form of treatment, with no harmful side effects.

Patients are increasingly turning to complimentary forms of therapy and medicine in order to achieve optimal results. One such therapy is ONDAMED, which offers a unique biofeedback methodology, communicating with the biological system and identifying any physiological weakness, from inflammation to infection to even detecting past emotional trauma at the cellular level.

Many patients think blood tests are all they need in order to detect disease, but the problem is that while most of these tests will reveal inflammation, they do not provide information as to where the inflammation is coming from. This makes treatment difficult, as most anti-inflammatory drugs treat the entire system, not one specific area. ONDAMED sets itself apart from both conventional treatments and even other biofeedback solutions by combining biofeedback with specific field stimulation, meaning the practitioner identifies specific areas of stress through the patient’s unique biofeedback loop.

It is known that inflammation is primarily caused by stress, a determining factor in many diseases. By identifying these hidden areas of stress in the body, ONDAMED is then able to stimulate the exact location rather than the entire body, making it much more effective than standard or other complimentary treatments. ONDAMED offers a unique solution by stimulating the stressed area with focused pulsed electro-magnetic fields which stimulate local tissue and the patient’s nervous system. Some of the benefits include reducing localized stress, improving metabolism and lymphatic flow, all of which result in reduced pain, swelling and inflammation, and increased stress tolerance.

Chronic conditions, when stimulated with ONDAMED, transform into a sub-acute level. Once this occurs, the immune system recognizes the sub-acute inflammation and responds accordingly. The actual source of the inflammation is treated, not just the symptoms.
Once such disease is Myasthenia Gravis, an autoimmune disease causing several chronic symptoms affecting one’s quality of life. It causes the muscles in your body to fatigue and become weak easily. Typically, when one is at rest, the symptoms disappear, or lessen, but when one resumes action, the symptoms return.

Most commonly affecting the muscles responsible for your eyes and eyelid movements, typically the first symptoms one will notice are drooping of the eyelids, blurred or double vision.
In a case study performed by William Work, M.D., and his staff, they discovered that by using the ONDAMED Biofeedback System, a patient made a full recovery from symptoms. The patient initially came to his office complaining of severe muscle weakness throughout her entire body, marked facial muscle deterioration on the right side, including a drooping eyelid, loss of facial expression on right side, extreme fatigue, trouble sleeping, incontinence, and equilibrium/balance issues. The patient was extremely fatigued during the daytime and would be unable to get her rest at night, and was also falling down frequently. Her symptoms were affecting her daily life and her quality of life.

By her fifth therapy session, she was sleeping more soundly. By her second month of intervention, or eighth session, she had achieved six full hours of undisturbed sleep and was no longer napping during the daytime. Around this time, her energy levels improved, as did her outlook on life. She was transforming into a happier person.

After 17 full sessions with ONDAMED, she achieved 100% mobility in her face and now walks around symptom free and has a much improved quality of life. After 3 years, the patient is still reporting same results with monthly maintenance sessions.

While traditional medicine offers much in the clinical sense, it lacks the valuable healing effects of the psyche. Biofeedback combined with focused field stimulation provides the answer for many patients suffering from chronic symptoms of pain, inflammation and a generalized decreased quality of life. The patient’s immune system is altered and strengthened, lymphatic flow is improved and even body tissues are positively affected, including soft tissue, cartilage and bone.

ONDAMED may be the answer for patients suffering from Myasthenia Gravis, giving them their life back, one therapy at a time.

For more information about biofeedback therapy and offering a complimentary solution to medical disorders, such as Myasthenia Gravis, and to see how this therapy works, visit or e-mail


The 10 Top Health Threats to Men and How to Prevent Them

At least 38% of men only see a doctor when they have symptoms and are sick. We need more awareness on prevention in order to bring this number down! Here’s some advice on how to do so:

  1. Heart Disease – This remains the #1 killer of men in the US. If you smoke, quit, and if you need to lose weight, do so. These simple tips will significantly reduce your chances of dying from heart disease.
  2. Prostate Cancer – The 6th leading cause of death in men. Most men neglect regular check-up and three out of four men don’t know how to give themselves testicular exams. By being checked annually after age 50, and knowing how to perform self-check-ups, chances of catching this killer earlier and beginning the necessary treatment increase chances of survival.
  3. Andropause (Male menopause) – Testosterone levels decrease by 10% every decade after 30. Men experience hormone swings that can lead to depression and most men don’t have the slightest idea how to treat this. Which brings us to the very important next point.
  4. Emotional Health – Depression affects men and women differently. Although women think about suicide more often than men, more men actually commit the act. This part of men’s health is often pushed underneath the rug, but it is time we bring it to light, make it acceptable and encourage men to talk about their feelings, especially depression.
  5. Decrease in Sex Drive – As men age, and testosterone levels decrease, men begin experiencing a decrease in sex drive, which can greatly affect their relationships, their self-image, and lead to depression. Some causes are drug abuse, poor sleep and obesity. This needs to be dealt with properly and they need to be educated about their options for treatment.
  6. Infertility – Another precursor to depression, which needs to be discussed out in the open and possible therapy provided.
  7. Lower Back Pain – More men than women suffer from this, because men typically don’t know when to ask for help and don’t seek treatment. If not treated, it can decrease your quality of life. Some causes could be obesity, overdoing it at work, but whatever the cause, relieve it with regular chiropractic appointments, lifting properly and make sure your pillow and mattress properly support your body weight.
  8. Skin Cancer – The silent killer, because there are often no symptoms at all. However, skin cancer is the #1 killer of men over age 50. Again, the answer lies in prevention and regular checkups to ensure optimal health.
  9. GERD – Acid reflux is 50% more common than it was 10 years ago. Although acid reflux affects women more, the men that are affected developGERD more often than women suffering from acid reflux do. GERD, or gastroesophageal reflux disease, affects more men than women.
  10. Unintentional injuries – Men are prone to death by way of accidents. This poses a real threat to their health, believe it or not. More men than women perform work requiring them to operate lift heavy machinery. Motor vehicle deaths represent the 5th leading cause of death in the US and almost twice as many men as women die from motor vehicle accidents. Buckle up, men, don’t drive drowsy.

One easy and effective way to stay healthy is by activating your cells with ONDAMED, a focused stimulation on a cellular level. This safe and non-invasive therapeutic approach provides relief of stress and tension impacting your entire health. Use ONDAMED as the ultimate wellness tool.


Grin and Bear It?

That’s what men have been taught since childhood. Grin and bear it, don’t express emotion and deal with pain. Often, they wait until the last minute when their symptoms are excruciating. Educating men and the people who love them in our communities and being more vocal about the importance of men’s health will help bring about positive developments in this arena.
We dedicate this issue to the man in your life and the importance of spreading awareness of men’s health.

Here are a few shocking statistics about men’s health:

  • Heart disease remains the leading cause of death in men.
  • More are 2x as likely as women to die from accidents, whether it be motor vehicle, or accidental such as drug overdose or poisoning.
  • Suicide remains the 7th leading cause of death in men and is 4x higher in men than women, or 80% of suicides are committed by men.
  • Men are roughly 70% less likely than women to visit a doctor for regular check-ups.
  • Prostate cancer is the 6th leading cause of death in men.