How does Ondamed work?

A POWERFUL new way to heal.

There is new hope for people with diseases, illnesses, injuries and emotional trauma. And that hope is called “ONDAMED.”

ONDAMED is a non-invasive medical device that tunes your body’s own energy frequencies to jumpstart your immune system, spark healthy cell regeneration, reduce inflammation and pain, and tap into long-held negative emotional beliefs.

ONDAMED can go hand-in-hand with any current therapies and/or medications  — and may even enhance other treatments. ONDAMED removes blockages in the body’s system to allow medicines, supplements, or herbal remedies to work most effectively.

At the Menla Holistic Health Center, we’re effectively using ONDAMED to treat:

• Arthritis
• Lyme Disease
• Osteoporosis
• Auto-immune disorders
• Infections
• Musculoskeletal injuries and chronic pain
• Stress Reduction, and Stress-Related Disorders
• Exhaustion and suppressed immunity
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Grief and emotional trauma
• Insomnia
• Nutritional imbalances
• Brain Harmony
• Smoking Cessation

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