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Everyone needs a sick day or a “mental health” day once in awhile. But if your employees consistently need a breather, something might be off balance in the workplace. As an employer, you can change this to maintain a healthy, low-stress work environment.

Menla Holistic Health offers a wide range of Corporate Programs to help employers develop a welcoming workplace that leads to effective, efficient and effervescent employees. From creating a physical space that inspires creativity and movement, to teaching staff about calming breathing techniques and meditation for stress management, we can walk you through the process of creating a workplace of ultimate wellbeing.

Our programs include:

•    Employee Well Being Program
•    Stress Management Education Program

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Environmental Stress Assessment

•    Staff Survey to assess environment and need
•    Assessment Review with Management Staff
•    Participation in Stress Management staff meetings as needed
•    Recommendations for Stress Management Program vision, direction, and implementation

Program Implementation

•    Stress Management Systems
•    Complementary Therapies
•    Ongoing classes/education

Program Results Tracking

•    Pre-determination of required results tracking data
•  On-going program evaluation, measurement, and reporting according to pre-determined results information requirements.

Stress Management Education Program

•    Management and Staff programs, as determined
•    Stress reduction education, therapies, and techniques
•    Complementary Therapies
•    Personal Energy Management
•    Meditation & Breath Work

Employee Well Being

•    On Site Employee Well Being Programs
•    Individual assessments and recommendations
•    Complementary therapies for individuals as needed

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