Everyone wants to “be well,” but what does that really mean, and how do we do it?

We offer menla training, education, consultation, and professional services including, acupuncture, energy therapies, hypnotherapy, massage, meditation, nutrition, and yoga to assist individuals to discover their inherent natural healing abilities. We’re happy to present at your school, library, organization, community group, clinic, or other setting.

For more information or to make an appointment to speak with us about employee or corporate programs, call the office at (860) 231-8263. Click here to meet our staff.

Topics include:

•    Women’s Health
•    Health for Older Adults
•    Stress Reduction
•    Preparation for Surgery
•    Parenting Classes
•    Health Professional Education
•    Introduction to Complementary Therapies

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•    Interactive Lectures
•    Womens Health
•    For the Older Adult
•    Stress Reduction Workshopsc


Here are some of our workshop topics and descriptions:

Educational Programs

Interactive Lectures on fascinating topics

Education for Health Professionals

Complementary Modalities Series

Programs for the Older Adult

Finding both wisdom and fun in the links between spirituality and health