Education for Health Professionals

Complementary Modalities Series

This series is aimed at introducing the health care professional to the science behind the complementary modalities that positively impact our lives today. Participants will attain personal growth through knowledge and experience that will better enable them to care for themselves and their patients.

1). The Menla Training
The Menla Training is a 12-month program for practitioners and healers who need to cultivate inner balance, clarity, and feel delight in their practice again. The Menla approach is rooted in Tibetan and Indian wisdom about the nature of sickness and health.

Ongoing Workshopsmenlaoffthevideo2
Menla Training Level 2 – Advanced

The Menla 2 Advanced Training series takes us to the next level of insight, skills set, discovery, and explorations into the inner workings of our subjective world. It is an invitation to move beyond the confines of linear thinking into more relational, and ultimately a non-conceptual, non-dual experience. Through these road maps and stages, we can eventually access an authentic healing presence, and know what healing really means.

Module 1.1
Preparing the Ground, Part 1

Christoph Klonk, will lead us to an intensive practice weekend where we will prepare the ‘ground of experience’ into the profound practices and techniques in the Advanced Menla Program.

Module 1.2
The Ground of Experience, Part 2

Christoph Klonk and Phil Weber will lead us to an intensive practice weekend where we will uncover the ‘ground of experience’ into the profound practices and techniques of Menla Level 2.

Module 2
A Wakeful Heart

Gaining strength and resolve to be in touch with the full range of our abilities for our sake and the benefit of others, moment by moment; we delve deeper to wake up and stir the deepest longings of our true heart’s calling. This weekend we invite ourselves into the gateway of being touched by our ‘wakeful heart.’

Module 3
Ways to Give in…

Do we find ourselves easily ‘giving in’ to our good intentions…or is it the other way around? What are the ways that hinder us to be the best that we can be…in body, heart, and mind; and the ways that can help? Here, we’ll bring up the courage and alertness to look with ‘fearless’ awareness into ourselves, and the places we hide. Together, we’ll explore contemplative interventions that will stick to help us the path of our intent.

Module 4

2). Healing vs. Curing
This workshop studies the components that have led the medical community to the relationship between healing and curing. The study of healing the whole individual as well as the health professionals themselves is becoming a major shift in the paradigm of health care today. Allowing the patient to play an integral role in their healing will have optimal outcomes for patients as well as their caregivers.

3). The Mind / Body / Spirit Relationship
Mind /body/spirit dynamics should be understood by health professionals, to promote personal development as well as to fully understand the patients they are caring for on a new advanced level. Holism includes the health care professional as an important part of the environment in health care.

4). Spirituality and Health
What is your definition of spirituality? Does this relate with health in any way? Come and find out the answers to these questions and more in an enjoyable environment.

Explore the research that has been done to correlate the effects of meditation, support systems, prayer and overall spirituality on health. This program will assist the health professional to understand the correlation between spirituality and health for both personal growth and in promoting wellness and healing in the patients they serve.

5). The Science of Energy Lecture
Come and learn the reason energy therapies are becoming a part of health care today. This program will study energy based on past and ongoing research in the field using a new holistic approach. The study of energy will be undertaken by examining how energy plays a role in everything we are and everything we do.