Educational Programs

Interactive Lectures

Understanding our own minds: Why we do the things we do.
This interactive lecture will assist the participant to uncover his or her own thought patterns that lead to reaction. Discussion will include right and left-brain function, awareness, presence and thought cycles.

Minimizing Pain in our Bodies
Learn to control physical pain by understanding the power we each possess to overcome it. Participants will learn tools to utilize during painful circumstances and also ways to help prevent painful reoccurrences.

Spirituality and Health
Explore the effects of meditation, support systems, prayer and overall spirituality on health. Incorporating spirituality into our lives can create the space for healing.

Energy Medicine
We are all made up of energies that interact with our environment in a multitude of ways. Learning about energy systems can assist us in maintaining health and balance in our lives.

Mind / Body Connection
Learn the power our thoughts and belief systems have over our bodies, and our bodies over our thoughts! Understanding the connection between mind and body enable us to better prevent illness and maintain wellness.

Power tools for Every Day Life Stressors
Creating healthy lifestyles conducive to well being and harmony. This experiential one-hour lecture will assist the participant to find their sense of well being both in their profession and personal life. By discovering practical applications for stress management using a holistic approach, events will be interpreted differently, thereby promoting a more calm, balanced, inner environment.gong

Introduction to Meditation
Using short meditations to create pauses in every day life can improve well being and maintain health. Experience calmness, peace and balance from utilizing meditation practices.

Body Movement for the Mind/Body/Spirit
Designed in the spirit of improvisation and dance. Learn spontaneity of expression, explore your own creative sources and help bring body, mind and spirit into balance.

Introduction to Feng Shui
Whether your objective is to improve your career, financial situation, enjoy better personal and professional relationships, or simply to experience a greater level of tranquility, Feng Shui can help transform your home, business and personal life to make it happen.